What Is An EEG?


At Florida Child Neurology we have a dedicated and caring team of EEG (Electroencephalogram) technicians on staff that are responsible for conducting EEG’s in our office. By offering these tests in our office, we are able to provide a more comfortable and less intimidating environment for your child. We understand the fear and uncertainty that can come with any type of test and with that in mind, our staff goes to great lengths to not just help the child feel at ease, but also, the parents.


An EEG is a type of neurological test that uses small electrodes placed on the scalp that records brain activity, for our Neurologists to review, to detect any abnormalities that can assist in diagnosing a wide range of neurological disorders. Most frequently an EEG will be ordered to diagnose a variety of seizure disorders. They can also be used to identify epilepsy, headaches, dizziness, and even to monitor brain activity after a traumatic head injury.


Typically an EEG is performed either as an outpatient procedure at a hospital or an off-site location. At Florida Child Neurology we have two full time EEG Technicians along with two patient rooms dedicated to EEG testing. This allows us to create a warm friendly environment that helps to put both patient and parents at ease. A parent can often remain in the room with their child during the test. Another type of EEG we perform are called Ambulatory EEG’s. For this type of test, the electrodes will be attached to the patient’s scalp and the patient would be monitored for 48-72 hours. The good news is the child may be taken home after the electrodes are attached, and go about their typical day to day routine. This allows our Neurologists to capture a much wider time frame of your child’s brain activity.


Once the test is completed, the electrodes are removed, and the patient may leave. All of our EEG results are read and interpreted by one of our Neurologists. They will examine the results to identify if there are any abnormalities in the test, and determine the appropriate course of treatment. The patient will be scheduled for a follow up visit to review the results and discuss a treatment plan, if necessary, once the results have been read.


Some of the advantages to having your child’s EEG done at our office instead of a hospital:


• Reduced Cost - Outpatient hospital settings are significantly more expensive than a private practice setting such as ours.

• Reduced Time - The average EEG takes between 60-90 minutes, and is a scheduled appointment. In a hospital setting it is not uncommon for a patient to experience extended delays due to urgent cases that may arise.

• Environment - The warm and friendly atmosphere we have created at Florida Child Neurology creates a much more comfortable setting for your child, as opposed to the often cold and impersonal experience of a hospital setting. The rooms are decorated and designed to create an atmosphere of a typical child’s bedroom.

• Availability - We have immediate appointments available for urgent cases. For most typical non urgent appointments, we have availability typically within one week or less. We perform EEG tests during normal business hours Monday through Friday beginning as early as 7:30 in the morning.

• Interpretation - Our Neurologists are available to read and interpret results immediately if necessary. Typically in a hospital setting there are many steps that are required before the results are finally in the hands of the ordering physician.

• Follow Up Care - By having your child’s EEG performed at Florida Child Neurology your child is already in our system as a patient, which makes scheduling appointments much quicker and seamless.

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