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Dear Parents & Patients,


It is with mixed emotions that we are announcing that Dr. Barr and Dr. Kothawala have come to the very difficult decision to close Florida Child Neurology, effective February 26, 2021. Our last day of seeing patients as Florida Child Neurology will be February 11, 2021. The changes in healthcare laws coupled with the crippling effect that Covid-19 has had on our practice has made it clear to Dr. Barr and Dr. Kothawala that, after fourteen years, it is no longer financially viable to maintain our private practice.

To continue providing much-needed pediatric neurology care to the children of Central Florida, both Dr. Barr and Dr. Kothawala have signed employment agreements with Orlando Health Medical Group, and will be joining the Orlando Health Pediatric Neurology Group at the Leon Pediatric Neuroscience Center of Excellence.

What does this mean to you, our patients and parents?

1. Until further notice, Dr. Barr and Dr. Kothawala will continue seeing patients in the same office location at 6150 Metrowest Blvd., Suite 105, Orlando, FL 32835. The office will reopen under Orlando Health on March 1, 2021.

2. Patients over the age of 21 are encouraged to begin seeking an adult neurologist to continue their neurological care.

3. Patients, under the age of 21, who would like to continue care with Dr. Barr or Dr. Kothawala will need to establish care as “new” patients through Orlando Health Pediatric Neurology Group. You may call them at 321-842-6671 to discuss insurance eligibility and next steps for continuing care with our amazing child neurologists. *They are ready now to put you on the schedule beginning March 1, 2021.

4. Whether you decide to continue your child’s care with Dr. Barr or Dr. Kothawala at Orlando Health, or if you need to transfer due to insurance or patient age, you must complete a medical records request for your records to be transferred.

We know change can be hard, especially for our awesome patients, and our team will be available to assist you with the transfer of your medical records to your new child or adult neurologist.

Due to the new practice model, patients over the age of 21 should begin seeking an adult neurologist to continue their neurological care.

Our team is working with an electronic medical records specialist to safely and securely transfer your medical records from our existing practice into a searchable archive solution. This will allow us to continue to honor records requests many of you may have for various legal and government agencies while protecting the health information within strict HIPAA standards.



All medical records are confidential and protected by federal privacy and security regulations. With your authorization, a copy of your child[ren]’s medical record(s) can be released to you or transferred to a physician.

You have a few options:

• You may pick up your child[ren]’s medical record(s) at this practice; (fees apply for paper copies) or

• You may have them mailed to you; (fees apply for paper copies and postage) or

• You may have them sent to a physician you designate. (You must provide the name and practice address of that physician.) *This option is of no charge to you.


Complete, sign and return the enclosed medical record release form as soon as possible, but no later than February 11, 2021.   Be sure to indicate how you would like to obtain the medical record(s) and whether you would prefer them in electronic or paper form.

If you would like a physical copy of your medical records, our team will need approximately seven to ten business days to retrieve and prepare physical copies of the records. Per Florida Law, the allowable fee for copies of medical records is:

(1) Any person licensed pursuant to chapter 458, F.S., required to release copies of patient medical records may condition such release upon payment by the requesting party of the reasonable costs of reproducing the records.

(2) For patients and governmental entities, the reasonable costs of reproducing copies of written or typed documents or reports       shall not be more than the following:

(a) For the first 25 pages, the cost shall be $1.00 per page.

(b) For each page in excess of 25 pages, the cost shall be 25 cents.

(3) For other entities, the reasonable costs of reproducing copies of written or typed documents or reports shall not be more than $1.00 per page.

(4) Reasonable costs of reproducing x-rays, and such other special kinds of records shall be the actual costs. The phrase “actual costs” means the cost of the material and supplies used to duplicate the record, as well as the labor costs and overhead costs associated with such duplication.

Rulemaking Authority 456.057(17), 458.309 FS. Law Implemented 456.057(17) FS. History–New 11-17-87, Amended 5-12-88, Formerly 21M-26.003, 61F6-26.003, 59R-10.003, Amended 3-9-09.


After February 11, 2021, you may obtain a copy of your child[ren]’s medical record(s) by mailing the medical records release to:


Sparkle, LLC.

C/O: Medical Records Department

9300 Conroy Windermere Road, #751

Windermere, FL 34786



**Please note, Sparkle, LLC., is operating SOLELY as Records Custodian. They can only fill records requests via email request. As an independent, non-medical entity, Sparkle, LLC., CANNOT accept subpoeanas for appearance or deposition for Dr. Barr or Dr. Kothawala.

Sparkle cannot provide letters, sign forms, refill prescriptions, make appointments, or respond to requests for such.


It has been an honor and privilege to be your child[ren]’s child neurologist.  We have greatly valued our relationship and wish you and your family the best of health.



Dr. Carl R. Barr, D.O.    Dr. Murtuza K. Kothawala, M.D.





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