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Thank you for choosing Florida Child Neurology for your child's’ health care needs and joining the Florida Child Neurology family. We look forward to providing you and your child with first class compassionate care.

Patient Portal


Our Patient Portal is designed to allow established patients access to clinical inquiries, medication requests, general inquiries, appointments, medical records, and more via secured messaging.

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Transferring Medical Records

To transfer your medical records to Florida Child Neurology, you will need to contact your former health care provider.

You may download and complete a release form, available here, giving them permission to transfer your records to us.

After Hours

If you need to speak to a health care provider, call our office and our answering service will have one of our providers contact you as soon as possible.


Please note: Our medical staff cannot assist with prescription refills or appointment changes after hours or on holidays.



Arrival time


All new patients should arrive 30 minutes prior to their first appointment in order to complete any necessary paperwork.


What to bring for your first appointment


•  Insurance card

•  Photo ID

•  List of current medications--including

    vitamins or supplements your child is

    currently taking

•  List of questions or concerns


    Late Arrivals, Cancelations, and No-Shows:


   We request a call at least 24 hours prior to the

   scheduled appointment if the patient must cancel.

   This allows other patients to use that time slot.


   Canceling an appointment on the same day as the

   appointment is considered a no-show.

   Patients who no-show three or more times will be

   automatically discharged from our practice. We

   cannot properly treat a patient or maintain

   prescriptions when appointments are not kept.


   Siblings or Multiple Patients:


   Due to the high volume of daily no-shows, only two

   children per household/ relation can be seen on the

   same day with one provider. If siblings have no-

   showed together on the same day, the household

   will no longer be able to schedule any siblings

   together with the same provider on the same day.


If the patient appears for his or her appointment fifteen (15) or more minutes late, the appointment may be rescheduled. To avoid this happening, we ask that our patients arrive early for their appointments.


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